Tuesday, May 09, 2006

...on some quick music news

I hear Axl Rose is saying that the new Guns and Roses Album should be out in thefall. Talk about irrelevence. I could give a shit about this record either way good or bad, but for the sake of the really hardcore G and R fans, the one's who stayed with them after that debacle "November Rain", (which by the way was the last death rattle of glam rock and is why the road was paved and waiting for Nirvana, Pearl Jam, AIC-that's what the kool kids are calling Alice In Chains these days-Soundgarden and the like), or even worse the ones that own a copy of "Saghetti Incident" (even if you stole it!)this better be the album to end all albums. Ten years, countless false starts, all this talk about he is such a perfectionist, this thing better be so good that a generation of musicians put down their instruments forever because they realize there is no hope in ever achieving such greatness. If is not, then we should never have to hear is name spoken in public again.

As for Pear Jam, there new album, "Pearl Jam" is quite good. I know I get a lot of flack from some for digging these guys, but I have found some newfound respect for them since seeing them live three years ago. I went through the period of hating them. I passed over No Code, Binural, and Riot Act, (I do have Yield and bought it when it came out-"Brain of J" rocks the motherfucking house!), i didn't have a copy of Vitalogy until recently--shit I vicked my copy of Vs. from my ex, (don't feel bad for her she has my Erykah Badu "Baduism.") Yeah, they may sound a little like Neil Young sometimes, or Hendrix, or the Clash or whoever the fuck, who doesn't, the thing is, no one has ever sounded like them, and when the record companies started signing every band that could play the opening chords to "Even Flow" and sound like Vedder, they threw everybody a change up and stripped their sound down, and they took shit for it. Long live those dudes, they still got it.



bastard central said...

well i'm so glad that we're going to get to hear this guy's death rattle. and make no mistake, it WILL be a death rattle. while i enjoyed appetite for destruction and the pre large venue leg of the tour, i equate GnR's treatment of both fans and the genre as the final nail in the coffin of the west coast rock i used to listen to. current pictures of a fat assed vince neil in a visor on a golf course constantly reminds me that i was right to forsake the genre


bastard central said...

i've just had a change of heart. i think that it's just our luck as a species that this album will end up being great and the the world will come to an end