Wednesday, May 10, 2006

...on the process

...and on evildoers

"so i picked up this trade of grendel yesterday"

"good stuff, which one"

"red white and black. it's alot of little vignettes. with alot of evil doing in it. since it doesn't seem to be in any kind of order, i don't know what he's about. is he some guy who's been possessed and does evil deeds? is he just some rich guy who becomes a mob enforcer? it doesn't give alot of background. just some evil deeds all in a little book."

"well grendel kind of started out as a sort of anti batman character. rich guy becomes a notorious mob boss instead of a hero. it gets more interesting as the series went on because grendel becomes less of a who but more of a representation of aggression"

this was the fill in that left hand rob gave me on a book i picked up because i needed to buy something else to read other than the latest trade of 100 bullets. i've been struggling with a project that the mofo and i have been discussing via text messaging and after reading half of this, i went home and fell asleep on the train. when i woke up, i had a name for the character and a setting and alot of quirky sensibilities to go into the project. grendel just became the grist for my musings. but like anything the bastard looks at with his mind's eye, it won't look anything like it when it's done. it never does. and that isn't always a bad thing. maybe my mind's eye needs glasses or maybe this is how it's supposed to go. wouldn't be happy if it turned out the way i thought it right away. it would seem too easy and thus suck. a few more catnaps (finally the effing LIRR comes to some use) and i might put pen to paper.

—the bastard

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