Friday, May 12, 2006

...on tattoos

as the bastard has mentioned before, his friend dean thrilla is in a hardcore band. recently they got an opportunity to appear on the fuse network (they don't get a link, they have their own god damned promotional people) to talk about their tattoos.

dean and co have made a practice of pushing the mold of what a hardcore band is. in an ocean of bald guys who are playing the same 3 chords and posing the same pose that has been going on since 1985, no redeeming social value is constantly keeping it a cut above in the gag department. so if you catch tattoo stories in repeats or you just want to link through his band's site, check it out. by the way dean, i love your referance to the old school band, judge. "with chains around our waist, and construction gloves". i'll never forget the wolfpack.

—the bastard

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