Sunday, May 14, 2006

...on the tryptic, third times the charm

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so i had so much going on i had to share. and the only other way other than this blog is, you guessed it, text messaging. so en route amongst all of this, i had to tell the mofo.

bas: Holy Crap. the only thing worse than golf, is 2 jackasses discussing it on the train

mo: Yea. i'm at your cousin's graduation

bas: mute your phone and send my congrats. thank god for ipods

mo: Lucky u didn't call or madeleine albright would have been rockin' the casbah

bas: she's speaking?

mo: Was, she's the university president's homey

bas: Any talk of how to build a fortress out of magazines on commercial flights

mo:U gotta get that homey line on the blog.

bas: what line?

mo: About how she's the university president's homey. It seemed amusing to me when i sent it. If you want, put it with the rock the casbah thing

well this just in. madeleine albright is the president of the university of miami's homey and they in fact rock the casbah. cuban sandwiches for everyone.

—the bastard

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