Sunday, June 11, 2006

...on the suitcase life

...or on the growing backlog

so as our latest intern, taz winds down her tenure at killing stuff monthly, the velvet hammer (KSM's managing editor) asks, what she's doing for the summer. taz is going back to L.A. long enough to pack her bag and then off to the south of france to see her sister play soccer. taz remarks how she's spent the last 6 months living out of a suitcase and she isn't sure if she'll ever find all of her crap. the bastard is feeling the same way right about now. i just came back from indian lake islands and tomorrow i'm going back upstate for a company offsite which i might blog on too just because i haven't imposed enough bullshit work on myself on top of my actual work. you know it just isn't a life worth living if i'm not up until 2am writing about my life's inanities.

anyway, i am backlogged. i have at least 3 or 4 items from the forever wild washout 3 as well as the indian lake islands trip.i'll get to it. in the meantime, here's the view from my tent at indian lake. i'm so tired and i smell like fire. good night, jerkface.

—the bastard

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