Monday, June 05, 2006

...on taking the hill

"oh man, 23a's out? you gotta be kidding me. that road is out every other time i come here."

"do we take the detour?"

"nah. the detour will take us an hour and a half out of our way. i know another route but i have to ask for directions"

"while you're at it jon, yuengling 12 packs are on sale. 7.99", the bastard always has his eyes on the prize

"okay got directions. we're going up the side of the mountain"

"how you figure that?"

"just watch"

so they i am following the map until jonny airplanes pulls up to this road that has no markings save for a sign that says road closed from november til april. it doesn't appear on the map as anything but a grey line you'd miss in the wrong light witch was rapidly approaching for us. the pictures don't do this hill justice but, trust me, we were starting to get some vertical here. in all of the time i've been going up to north lake i've nevewr taken this god forsaken road and the bastard KNOWS that it's god forsaken because it was rough as hell to drive on as well. ouch.

—the bastard


mofo said...

Yeah that's the hill Zolt smoked his brakes on.

bastard central said...

aye it is. and even in L1, you're doing 40 going down