Thursday, June 29, 2006


"ummmmmmmmm, duck whisperer? your tent has flipped over"

"oh shit man"

"i got it. and i got some extra rope to tie it down with"

you know, before the bastard went camping with the mad russian, there were two things he's never done (well 3 if you count how i almost cut off a finger chopping wood) bugged out of a site and had to move my dwelling until it was time to go. 2 years ago, we arrived way late and set up shop on a different site and then the next morning we had to bug out and move on. this time we missed all the rain, but we got all the wind. and my magnificent tenement of a tent was feeling the punch of mother nature's harsh breath.

after flipping the duck whisperers tent and all his gear back over we tied down the tent which had lost all of it's pegs due to the wind and my tetragon was still feeling the punch. so while i had an extra pair of hands, we turned my tent into the wind.

QUICK SIDEBAR: when you are using a 2 or 3 season tent, if you encounter harsh conditions like strong wind, it can't hurt to face your tent into the wind and open up all the screens. NOT THE DOORS, THE SCREENS. that way, while you aren't in your tent, the flow of the wind will just go through your tent rather than beat on it

that said, the bastard takes out his trusty rope, and ties the fly (the piece of cloth that keeps the frikkin rain off of your tent) grommets (the eureka tetragon has 4) and ties each grommet to a tree, further stabilizing the tent. i slept solidly that night but before that i decided to use my space age piece of technology that i call a cell phone, and made a little video of my thoughts on preparedness in the woods. it's like my man baden powell said, "be prepared, shiteyes".

—the bastard

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