Tuesday, July 25, 2006

better get hit in your soul

well the unfortunate thing for me was that the mingus big band didn't play his classic song of the same name. you see, mean gene saxomafone is in from las vegas visiting family and along with seeing clerks 2 with him last friday, he palnned on seeing the mingus big band while he was in town. you see when charles mingus passed, his wife kept his music alive and breathing in a city in which all popular culture is slowly shrinking due to the need to build more luxury loft apartments for people with strollers. not that i have anything against having children because the bastard has a child as well. i just find it interesting that on an island where the streets are narrow, too narrow for wealthy suburbanites pricing regular folk outof their own city. but i digress.

the band went on short a horn player and 2 sax players. one of the two sax's showed up and the tenor of the band changed as this guy wanted to play more obscure tunes. the drummer lost his cool and walked off the stage and the pianist had to fill in for the rest of the set. shit was fast and loose, and i'm going to have go back again to see what they do the next time they play. and i think i have enough tuesdays left in me that i can do this again a few more times before i'm through.

—the bastard


mofo said...

The great trio of jazz bands are as follows:
T. Monk with Sonny Rollins, Paul Chambers and Art Blakey. Coltrane came on later but this group had a thing.

Coltrane with McCoy Tyner, Jimmy Garrision, and Elvin Jones. Alice Coltrane took over Tyner late, and Pharoah Sanders and Idris Muhammad both stepped in on drums late but no combination ever worked the same magic as those four.

And any combo of the Mingus big band crica 1957-60. A who's who played with a true master. I don't know who that drummer thought he was by walking off, but Mingus would have kicked his ass.

bastard central said...

that's alot of really good background mofo. but you totally left out who invented "jazz hands". was it peter allen or mario cantone?

mofo said...

Allen, but Cantone, who is the filthiest gay comic you'll ever witness used to do a kids show on channel 9 many years ago (pre-Arsenio even). I think the guy did a lot of coke back then ( iremember as a 9 or 10 year old thinking the same thing), now I think he just does a lot of gay. He can be very funny though. He shines at those Shriner's Roasts.

mofo said...

By the way that's Paul Hogan, mate. YOu gonna tell me you couldn't get a Peter Allen link. That dude was teh thing back in the '80s, some fag has to have a fan sight of him. And yeah, if you dug Peter Allen you're a fag, deal with it.

bastard central said...

trust me mo, it is NOT HARD to find a picture of peter allen on the internet. i was just in a paul hogany mood at the time and well there you have it