Friday, July 28, 2006

goodbye to all that...

...or on the home stretch

well this morning, the bastard was standing on the platform completely enjoying how much fun it is to sweat in the morning while your clothes are still new to the day and you wish they would stay nice all day but mother nature had different plans. fucking summer. i've never done the summer well. i thought it was because i was fat. i lose 40 pounds and the sweat is still there. it must be genetics. oh well i'm bald too, that ain't because i used to be fat either. but i digress. above, please behold the last monthly ticket the bastard will ever purchase on the long island railroad for hopefully a great while. i stared down at the gravel on the ties and thought this and i thought, "good bye to all this."

goodbye to suburban jackasses who build little forts around their seats so that they can have a seat to themselves. and good bye to the unfriendly pallor that decorates so many of my former passengers. you showed me that a poor old irish woman from woodside can be more friendly than all of your sorry asses while dodging the fare

goodbye to the delays that made me think about buying a damn parka because you can never seem to show up on time. goodbye to all you lemmings who made wandering through your station a daily obstacle course as you stared blankly into the schedule waiting to find out what train you had to take home to your prefabricated cess pool. this is goodbye to all the bobbing and weaving i had to do every morning through, not that the city won't be any less crowded because the bastard won't be taking the long island railroad anymore but i have a shorter walk from the subway to the door and i'll be dodging considerably less people from suburbia who may have been working here since the year of the flood but walk around as if in wonder because it's your first trip to the big city. GET THE HELL OUTTA THE WAY JACKASS!!! and most importantly i say goodbye to 10 months of my soul being eaten by a commute that i didn't want to have to take.

well it isn't all that bad. while going through the archives, and yes this will read like a bastard's long island railroad greatest hits, i came across this little gem. i must also say goodbye to mr october. thanks for being on the platform, reg. i always could use an ear during this crappy crappy time in my life. thanks and goodbye to all of that.

—the bastard


mofo said...

NR. OCt is the man no doubt, but I believe you are trading one evil for another. Enjoy the V, or the F, or the E, or whatever train you take, the R? I don't even know where you work!!

bastard central said...

v train to the 6. and i'm at 2 park