Friday, July 28, 2006

...on the right idea

so the bastard is taking the 1:30 home this afternoon and yes, we over here at killing stuff monthly get a half day on friday's during the summer. it makes up for the nights i will have to spend in the office in the future. anyway, i cam across this guy on the connecting train and it made me think of this law that the british are trying to pass banning male toplessness. apparently, alot of men, like most men throughout the world, get to walk around topless while woman cannot. and i don't think that's actually the impetus for the law. it's not about the unfairness of it. the bastard thinks it's the eyesore factor. they need to discuss laws like that here perhaps. i mean come on man, it's hot out and all roll your shirt down. NO ONE needs to see that shit.

oh the icing on the cake was when gutzilla here started talking to himself. the minute i walked on the train and saw this nut job, i was soooooooo hoping he would start talking to himself. yay!

—the bastard


mofo said...

Man, you ain't seen shit 'til you've seen a 300 pound german in a g-string chilling on the beach!!
Not a pretty sight.

bastard central said...

the worst part is that it probably isn't a g-string. his suit might have crawled up there and....i think i threw up in my mouth a little bit