Sunday, July 30, 2006

...on endings

...and beginnings

i don't know about you but, i think that nothing tops off a weird day of packing the nice lady's moving van so that she can get on the road at 5am tomorrow morning to begin a new chapter of her and my life, or rather begin our new life apart than to get the call that here is a death in the family. you heard it right. marriage, done. wife, leaving. death, in the family. right after we finished packing the van. life does have a funny way of sneaking up on you, it does. not gonna post for a while, i just can't for now. it's just too much.

—the bastard


Rob S. said...

Aw, bastard. Strength. Courage. Luck.

bastard central said...

i'll settle for a bottle of tequila and some cleaning products


Rob S. said...

Used correctly, tequila is a cleaning product.

By the way, I'm officially your coworker again, starting Aug. 14.

bastard central said...

yes it is. and i am using it right as we clean my liver

the bastard knows all because when he isn't busy checking in on dead relatives and getting divorced, he's checking the corporate mail. drinks are on me shiteyes


Merry said...

Sorry to hear about this. good thoughts are with you. maybe it'll be one of those "it's always darkest before the dawn" things.