Monday, August 07, 2006

year of the bastard...

...or on shit, piss, hell, damn, fuck, and why these kids today don't know about the jazz

ok. weeks over. new week. ready to go. the bastard will post further on last weeks events and last weeks events and all that horse crap but, i wanted to take a little time out to remark on how it's good to be back in the apartment, how good it is to fall asleep on the subway, and how good it's going to be when it stops being so GOD DAMNED HUMID!

i'll have more when the coffee kicks in. the bastard got to bed late last night, still cleaning out the carnage that is the museum of my collapsed marriage. got alot to do in the next few months. the lowe will be moving out west so i have to help him get ready for that. why you ask? because the bastard is some kind of nice guy? because he has a kind heart? fuck no! the bastard's cousin who will be known as "the artist formerly known as lowe" will be moving in and i want to reduce the amount of heavy lifting i'll have to do when he moves in. if your family is gonna move out west, the least you can do is bring your own bastards in to fill the gap. choke on that, shiteyes.

—the bastard

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