Saturday, July 01, 2006

tale of the 600 year old brush

Let me tell you about this brush. It has been sitting at the QV Mo Headquarters for longer than I can remember. Upon rediscovering it during my jaunt back last week I thought about the times I used that brush, when I had hair, and how the bastard and the elder used that brush, and apparently pa dukes still uses it for the 13 hairs (nuff respect to Tom the barber)on his head. It really gave me pause that a brush could last that long,especially after the amount of use it has gotten over the years. It is a good old brush, and every time a new brush was introduced into the fold this brush would stand it's ground not to be overshadowed. There have been several other brushes but this one is the thunderdome brush. It will last forever.

I waited until my arrival in NYC to buzz my head with the bastard's clippers, I used this brush to get the hair in line in order to insure a quality cut. This brush still has it's place.



bastard central said...

just a quick note mo,

i adjusted your time stamp on both of these entries. as pompous an ass as the bastard is about his (and i use this term loosely) "work", i figured youe new work deserves it's place in the recent lineup


mofo said...

Had a tough time getting a computer lately, things got wierd while I was in NYC. Everytime I leave I come back to havoc that I'm responsible for cleaning up. Not my best work, at this point I just wanted to get it out there. Thanks for the push.

bastard central said...

well i knew that you would write it when you wrote it but, i wanted to make sure that the time stamp was timely