Saturday, July 01, 2006

...on ones

...and zeroes

you know the mofo has a point. the bastard was looking at the first month of this mess a day or two ago and i can't believe that i've had the attention span to continue doing this crap. i'm also surprised that i actually had the time to do this. i remember i was chatting with old school once and i mentioned the blog to her and she asked how do you have time to maintain one on top of my job at making bullets look good monthly. well, one year in, i can now tell you how in four easy steps. first, get a collaborator which i have in the mofo. second, get separated from your spouse or dump or get dumped by your girlfirend/boyfriend/moose. third, get a digital camera. and finally, make your own time shiteyes. can't sleep? write something down. deadtime at the office? write something down. would you rather claw your eyes out rather than play fantasy baseball on the internet? write something down. internet porn just not cutting it anymore? write something down. you get the idea. that's how the bastard managed to have time for this. so there you go, it's as simple as that. but then again, right now i don't have time for this crap. i need some coffee. go to hell, jerkface.

—the bastard


mofo said...

What a fucking link to use for me, although, I don't do cocaine and wouldn't want people to think I do. Not to say I have anything against cokeheads there only the most annoying people on the face of the planet when they are high and the biggest dicks laying in the gutter when they're between eight-balls. I guess the link for you would be Mussolinni. You know, when the light hits you just right, ou kind of look like ol' Duce. Happy anniversery fucker!

Bloggers of the world unite!!

Rob S. said...

Happy Anniversary, ya bastid!

bastard central said...

the cocaine lenin was indicative of our cokehead conversation from last weekend. i know if murder were illegal for a day the hit list would be a string of known cokeheads followed by maybe gary glitter. rock and rooooooo-ohl HEY!

mofo said...

I let the cokeheads kill themselves. I have other fish to fry.