Thursday, August 17, 2006


so that bastard was in a foul one yesterday. i don't know if it was the subway trip, or the tired, or the media party i didn't go to because no one else was going but, it got me all antsy in the head. well i figured, it's time for a little escapism and the stock broker/marketing guy/zombie who was blasting his music so loud that it just sounded like syncopated tv snow neededto be hit in the face, so i plugged in and tuned out. it didn't really work that well until i got off the train when i lit up a smoke and "gimme shelter" came on. hadn't heard it since the last time i saw my favorite caper flick of the moment, (cause the silver k hasn't given me back my copy of sexy beast yet!!!!) layer cake.

now the bastard likes to walk to theme music periodically. i sure as shit love to drive to car chase music in the right traffic conditions and i like to listen to nick cave when i feel like keeping the bad mood alive but it has me thinking about how the cinema has affected out collective minds eye with regard to how we envision our music. i say this because for the entire length of the song i couldn't get that scene in layer cake out of my head when daniel craig and sienna miller are going at it until he gets club on the head and hung off the top of a building. it was totally compelling. couldn't shake it off. best part is, the song is still stuck in my head as i type this. i'll say this, it's a hell of scene to have in your head as opposed to the last movie i heard gimme shelter in which was adventures in babysitting (yes, the bastard saw effing adventures in babysitting. i had alot of spare time on the weekends in high school, so go to hell), or that old geezer mick jagger.

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Rob S. said...

"No one gets outta here without singing the blues." Sure, it's from Adventures in Babysitting, but it sums up my philosophy of life pretty well.