Wednesday, August 16, 2006


to that guy who got off the elevator on the 9th floor in the argyle tee shirt (yes, an argyle tee shirt)

umm, yeah pal, i've been meaning to tell you. those over sized sunglasses don't make you look the least bit like an aging drag queen out of his/her showtime outfit. i'm also sure that the gigantic headphones attached to your ipod are there to tell us all that you REALLY into the music and not just some jackass trying to be fashionable. i never thought that for a second. not at all. ummmm, your spaceship is third door on the right. doors closing. bing bong.

—the bastard


dm said...

The lemmings have gotta follow some trend. It's like their medication or addiction...hmmm anyway.

Give the guy a break if he didn't dress like all his buddies he'd be in that elevator twitching right now.

However if it does bother you that much start introducing him to cheap imitations eventually he'll be weened off and bye bye oversized sunnies and headphones. I think it works a bit like that heroin substitute.

bastard central said...

i see your point dm, but come come, some bastard's need their hobbies. i did kind of like his argyle t-shirt