Sunday, August 13, 2006

weekend edition: surfs up mother grabbers!!!

once a long while ago when the bastard used to kayak. then again, i plan on kayaking again one day but anyway, i used to read up on surfing in new york city. i figured, it's pretty much illegal here for one reason or another. probably because the undertow out on rockaway is so fierce, they want to keep lifeguards handy. but when there's lifeguards, there's swimmers and surfers and swimmers wouldn't gel too good together for safety reason. well, what do you know. the bastard has probably answered his own query. anyway, i also read that due to certain tide related whatnot, surfing is best done during odd hours in the atalantic which is why i'm seeing this guy getting on the number 6 with me. most of these guys go surfing after 6:30pm after the lifeguards go home. but this character is on the east side which puts him far the hell away from the A train which is the only road into the rockaways by subway. maybe he's lost.

—the bastard

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