Thursday, August 10, 2006

to that guy from golf marketing from the bathroom the other day...

what's with the gas face asshole? you don't know me. you don't read this. you don't even stoop down to walk to this side of the building unless you gotta take a crap (and not wash your hands after the fact mind you). so why you gotta be all giving the bastard the stinkeye for no good reason? now i know that corporate america is all cliquey and high school because thanks to wonderful institutions like fraternities and lax educational standards and cronyism continue to perpetuate that kind of environment here in the largest publishing company in america but, there's no reason for that shit.

now let's take this as a known quantity. corporate america is just like high school. and the halls are just like the school yard. and you give me the gas face. now the bastard spent some time in some bad places when he was in high school and i'm not "rrrrrrepresenten" or "keepen it reeeeeeaaal" but, i've had some harsh shit happen to me in my time and if this was the school yard, you would have some fist in your face. so cut it out, before i forget that this is a place of business and not the school yard...dick. gas face given, i beg to differ.

—the bastard

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