Wednesday, August 09, 2006

...on the full moon

...or the bastard's boss is a lycanthrope

so the bastard comes in, and mind you, it's frikkin' beautiful out today, and my boss, the silver k rolls in. now the k has been struggling with a mysterious stomach malady that smacks of crohns disease. can't eat anything fatty. no more brown liquor (which kills him because he loves the jack daniels), and nothing spicy. anyway, he's been undergoing a series of blood tests and upper and lower g.i. exams and his doctor started looking for porphyria because his symptoms matched them. apparently, while his doctor cannot find said disease in his veins, his doctor informs him that alot of these symptoms are similar to the symptoms associated with lycanthropy in the middle ages. so apparently, my boss is a werewolf. now, i am wondering if it's only a matter of time before kate beckinsale comes into the office blow my bosses brains out. stupid secret undead wars, always encroaching into my day to day. dammit!

—the bastard

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