Thursday, September 14, 2006

full of grace

so i come home and turn on the tube. normally i don't do that but the bastard figures, "what the hell?" and a bridge too far is on which is the story of a failed allied attempt to take several bridges from the germans during world war II. i came in during the scene in which robert redford is leading his troops across the river and guys are getting blown up left and right by german artillery. he looks around him paddling with his rifle in the water and he chants as he rows,

"hail mary full of grace"

"hail mary full of grace"

i forgot how intense a scene that was and i forgot how intense a movie can be when you forgot that the good guys lose.

—the bastard

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mofo said...

People say "Saving Private Ryan" was the only film to properly depict WWII battles, that is until the "Band of Brothers" HBO series came out, which blew the doors off od WWII depictions, but "A Bridge Too Far" hit right on the head 25 years before. I caught a little last night too, not enough, but I remember seeing it for the first time on TV with thebastard and elder on a Saturday night when we were all young tykes and seeing that rowing scene and saying to myself, "holy shit, mofo, that's hardcore!" I think it was at that point, anywhere between 6-8 years old, that I decided that the warrior life was not for me.