Thursday, September 14, 2006

open road...pouring rain

well this morning the bastard was going in WAAAAY late. way late because the lowe is leaving town for parts west. i had to drop off some things for the drive and go. took a late expess train and nearly fell on some guy while sitting down.

QUICK SIDEBAR: the lowe has wanted to leave new york for a great while. one of the things he nevered like about here was the horrendous experiences he had on the express train. crowded, and constatnt rudeness were all he talked about. he also hated the winters.

anyway, i excuse myself and the man says, "are you okay?"

"yeah sure, just slipped that's all"

"so you're all right?"


"okay, well you have a nice day then, okay?"

"alright. you too." then he went back to reading his paper. it's a good start to a frikkin rainy ass day. well anyway, i never saw the same kind of rudeness on the subway. i mean, the bastard has seen his fair share of crazy people but never the likes of which the lowe ever experienced. maybe he'll find what he's looking for out west. godspeed sir.

—the bastard

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