Tuesday, September 19, 2006

the nod

so as i've mentioned on numerous occasions, the bastard don't sleep alot. for some reason, i can't seem to get horizontal until at least midnight. maybe it's when i turn into a pumpkin, that i can actually fall asleep. go figure. anyway. i skip 3 trains in the interest of getting a seat on the local. 3 trains in and we hit paydirt. all except for one detail. this handsome handsome devil to your left.

QUICK SIDEBAR: it is my understanding that inna gadda da vida was once considered one of the longest songs ever recorded logging in at, i believe, 25 minutes. jethro tull's thick as a brick logs in at 43 minutes but, it's really a series of movements strung together because ian anderson is a clever bird like that

so this fat load has convinced me that he is going to be deaf by the end of the week or, dead by the end of the train trip. his ipod is blasting what seems like something that sounds like hip hop or something that sounds like white zombie. maybe rob zombie started a side project. maybe i'm just imagining things because i imagined that this was the longest song ever. it was the same repetitive beat which turned into the kind of monotonous drone that i can fall asleep to. so i did. long story short is, i managed to get some sleep but, i felt the need to share the load's gloriousness with the world. jerk. well it's karaoke night and i know i won't see the sandman until at least one. good times. no. great times
—the bastard

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