Friday, September 01, 2006

you know, that's not something you see every day

so the bastard is heading towards the 6 this morning and i come across this guy i spoke about exactly a year ago with regards to the cut of his jib. he was with his girlfriend and apparently they are either moving to idaho, or they are going to vacation there. that's not really the story. i came across that post while looking for my generic number 6 train photo for this post.

anyway. at 42nd, this homeless guy in a wheelchair gets on with his helper monkey and then proceeds to get off of his wheelchair. i didn't pay attention to him when he got on. becoming apathetic is a disease that occurs frequently in a city of this size and i have my own fish to fry to BACK OFF. anyway the guy gets off his wheelchair and plops down onto the floor. i noticed this because he had no legs. he then proceeded to move between the cars. sat in between the cars for a couple of minutes before moving into the next one. now that's not something you see every day.

—the bastard

UPDATE: the bastard was coming home from a late lunch when i saw him again. guess the 6 is his friday gig.

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