Wednesday, November 08, 2006

ain't that a kick in the head?

well, ring a ding ding baby! apparently, dean martin isn't dead. he was just hiding from jerry lewis. well i guess he was hiding from jerry. anyway, i was going to continue the tucson posts chronologically from the start but since it's the day after election day, i thought i'd skip ahead to this photo from a street corner in tucson just around the corner from the boy's school. the boy felt if he was old enough to vote, he'd vote for captain al melvin (his sign pictured partially in the circle) because hell, he's a captain.

...on the sea change

the bastard continues to maintain that he has retired from politics so, i won't go one at length about yesterday's results. the party kind of had it coming, and while i've been sick of both parties, i've been really disappointed with the whole process lately. it needs it's own post really but, i'm retired. don't get me wrong though, you fuckers better know what your doing. my taxes go up, i start monstering again. and now that you got the power, you're going to need something else other than "fuh fuh fuh, the president is an idiot" when shit goes south. just a thought. that is all.

—the bastard


mofo said...

Hey, Florida elected Christ as governer, I mean, Charlie Crist. It's funny, the first time I saw a bumber sticker I did a triple take, I thought the 'ol JC threw his crown of thorns in the ring. The crazy thing is if he actually did come down and run for governer in this state, he would have lost, the christians down here are so into there christianity but don't know much about the man, just that he's bringing the rapture. And all while I thought that came and went with fab 5 and Debbie Harry. And by the way, the man from mars is still eating cars, and bars, he got bad gas from the guitars.

Six years of Supply Side economics and the rich are richer athe poor, poorer and middle class is disapearing. Your taxes, personally may not change much, it's the above $200,000 club that's gonna get a real bite in the ass. And if your taxes do go up, trust that inflation will go down and the price of elementary goods and services will go down, call it even. When you lower the countries top source of income, because of a lack of income, loans are taken out, money is owed, the dollar gets weak, the euro, and yen go up the price of goods and services goes up. Big business feasts on the enormous tax cut, per year but don't pass along the savings to their customers, human greed, the flaw in the theory, that and that the dollar loses strength in the world market, the consumer pays for that. Corruption reigns and folks are voted out of power. And you thought it was about the war. See 1992-1994, both parties took a hit because of Reaganomics—Voodoo Economics as Papa Bush put it, A classic example of how sons don't hear a word their father's say.

I agree, the dems feet is to the fire, they got some work to do, but if the be all end all is taxes, that's just foolishness.

I complain all the time about the close to $2,000 I pay New York State a year in taxes, but every time i take an ekg, or an echo cardiogram, or get another free RX, I thank New York State and the Medicaid program for being there.

This country needs to rebuild it's rep. And Tuesday was a good start. Hopefully Pelosi and Kerry can keep there feet out of their mouth and let some real governing take place.

bastard central said...

taxes is merely a glib comment because i didn't feel like getting into the notion that pelosi isn't exactly a good choice for house speaker while she was a good uniter of her fellow democratic congressfolk, she's not exactly in touch with the american people.

taxes is just one thing. pulling up stakes and running out of iraq like it's blackhawk down is another concern. while i want us out of iraq, i want it done orderly. we can't afford to lose face with our adversaries.

and as to your 2 large a year to the state, it's money well spent considerring what you're having done.

mind you, this is just one bastard's opinion.

mofo said...

Pelosi will be reigned in by her own, most of the seats picked up were won by centrists. you don't win Democratic seats in Kentucky and north Carolina by being a liberal. The wonderful thing about this victory is that it has created checks and balances for the party when it comes to legislation.

This whole cut and run thing is republican kool aid, it's like saying they are any better at stopping terrorism than the democrats, when in reality, and this can not be overstated, the world is a little more dangerous than it was on September 12, 2001.

My point was that yes, my two large is a price i'm willing to pay for what it gets me. In the end, paying taxes—not such a bad thing. you in fact made my point for me.

bastard central said...

pelosi will be reigned in by her own resonates as well to me as me telling you that the president isn't an idiot. it just doesn't resonate with me. however i do have a short term change of heart about things at the moment. i was watching the news and they were reporting on how that corrupt piece of shit charlie rangel will be heading up the ways and means commitee and they mentioned how this will benefit ny. then the mentioned how that pompous idiot anthnoy weiner is good friends with pelosi and how that benefits ny. and that since that criminal hillary clinton got re-elected that benefits ny (where she was during the transit strike i'd like to know, no doubt looking into what her pollsters say about the merits of hiding out during a transit strike and how saying nothing gets the union thug vote).

so what i'm saying is this, in the short run, i am ok with the results because it may very well benefit ny in the long run. so for at least 2 years the south will see less of my tax dollars.

i know i made your point for you about taxes but if we didn't share the same last name i would be dead set against why you are glad that you pay new york taxes.