Monday, November 13, 2006

...on the grand experiment

since the bastard's immediate family was the queens outpost for the greater whole for so many years, we were also the official pick up out of state family members at the airport. i grew up near the cross island parkway which dumps you right near JFK. now, since moving out my periodic travelling pick up drop off was either my rents or the nice lady but, she's in arizona now and i didn't want to rely on the fam anymore. come to think of it, i didn't want to frop a fuck ton of cash on a cab either so i opted for the airtrain. for the uninitiated to all things new york, the airtrain is the slightly more effective solution to driving to the airport, or taking a cab. five bucks gets you from the terminal to the airport.

now you see, the elder worked on the airtrain a little while back when he worked for bent nosed electrical contractors inc. and i have to say, they did a bang up job on it. it runs smoothly despite some early trouble it had when it started but hell, you gotta take the bad with the good with these sort of things. the cars are cleaner and bigger and i wish the subways were more like this but then again, these kind of cars might eventually find their way underground one of these days. i had intended to take the airtrain home as well but i had a redeye out of tucson and i'll talk about that later. so much for the grand experiment.

—the bastard


Damnation Mistress said...

ah redeye flights gotta love em, no cheap transport to airport and none leaving it. fun fun fun.


bastard central said...

well it's about as cheap as it's going to get and it's clean

mofo said...

You could have taken the train at 5 in the morning, it's not even so rowdy at jamaica Station at that point, the crackheads got to sleep to.

Damnation Mistress said...

so ur airtrains are open for the redeye flights? stupid question its NY of course they're open.

i was thinking of the redeyes in Brisbane. Airtrain opens at 6ish am and closes at 8ish pm. Very shite.

bastard central said...


one of the great things about this town is that it never sleeps, and neither does the mass transit system. so if you roll off of the 6:20 am from tucson, you can take the airtrain home. it does alright in a pinch