Thursday, November 02, 2006

...on the desert

so it's a week of firsts for the bastard. this is the first time i've actually managed to get a decent clip of sleep on an aircraft. but more importantly, this is the first time i'm visiting the family since the divorce. the bastard can't say enough nice things about the magnificence that is jet blue. i always have a good time flying them (even though i found out that airlines are phasing out reclining seats on flights on newer aircraft which sucks). the weird thing for me is, this is the first time i've been on a plane for something other than business in a long time so it also sucks that i can't expense booze on my flight to drown out the idiot one aisle over from me referring to his destination as "the zona". i mean, how hard is it to say that you're going to arizona? and how hard is it to not say "bro" (except he pronouced it "brah"). this just filters into my disdain for frat boy hedge fund stock broker types. that's why i like the chairman. he;s perfectly happy to make a crapton of money and just dress like shaun fanning for the rest of his life, regardless of how much money he makes. his not putting on airs is kind of refreshing. but, i'm getting off message here.

anyway, got in last night late and the boy woke up in the back seat of the nice lady's pickup and when he shook out the cobwebs and realized i wasn't a dream, he gave me a big hug. i've never seen someone so glad to see me. it was kind of nice. well, her place is huge by new york standards and there's a damn mountain hanging out across the street apparently waiting for mohammed to show up. maybe he's got some questions for him. who knows but all i know is, there's this god damned mountain across the street and it's big.

-the bastard


Rob S. said...

First there is a mountain, then there is no mountain, then there is.

Anonymous said...

"kind of nice"??
he loves you

bastard central said...

well i do love to understate things sometimes

bastard central said...

well lobster,

you know how love moves mountains and all. imagine what my disdain can do for mountains


Anonymous said...

1) How does anyone on earth know Donovan?? 2) It is my mountain, but mine to share. 3) The Boy always, always loves his daddy and tells everyone so, every day.

bastard central said...

1) lobster johnson knows many things

2) the bastard would like to see the deed to this "mountain" you speak of

3) the boy is the sweetest

4) nibb high footbal rules

Anonymous said...

Hmmph, I don't need a deed. I called it. Therefore, by the powers invested in me, by me, and the creators of Salugi, it is mine.

bastard central said...

the sun's getting to you, nice lady. mountains don't belong to people