Wednesday, November 01, 2006

...on both ends

...and the open road

"i'm going down the well", was a popular addage that ms. cin used liberally. too many people talking to her while she's trying to get miracle pictures of elephants charging that don't really exist, or photos of polar bears dancing the rhumba on an island off the coast of cambodia. it never ends.

the bastard went down the well today. i'm trying to get color out. i'm trying to get the feature well done. i'm trying to get the devil's work done. and i'm trying to pack. yes, pack. the bastard is going out to visit the boy out west. the bastard gets on a plane tomorrow night to catch up with his estranged family in sunny tucson. this should be fun but, it won't become fun until i'm at the airport, ticket in my hot little hand (and mind you, my hands do generate a fuckload of heat) and perhaps a cup of something or other in the other hand. either way, i'm antsy and exhausted and i just want to curl up and sleep. which is what i might just do, right after i post this. good night, shiteyes.

—the bastard

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