Friday, December 08, 2006

...on the tunnel

...and i don't mean the dance club day...or at least it was supposed to be my day. i was supposed to be off today but the storm lasted a littel longer than anticipated. tired.

FLASH BACK: "how's it going gentlemen? we have one AA*. the rest of the book is looking good so far" the bastard drops a big ol plastic envelope in the outgoing and starts back when the retoucher asks

"so how are we doing?"

"we're in a good place retouch, i think i see the light at the end of the tunnel now."

"tunnel, eh?" blurts out the head of manufacturing who we wil call "latin heat". "do we haf a fucking train coming"

i start walking out of latin heat's office, "yeah train's a coming l.h. train's a coming and we're all tied to it and it's about to go over the cliff. see ya at the bottom"

FLASH FORWARD: found my ipod buried under some crap on my desk this morning and as i was pulling into lexington, "christian sands" by tricky comes on. it's nice to see the ipod has a good call on walking music.

my defenses...become fences.

the nice lady just called. she's on the ground and the boy and her are heading up north. i'll see them tomorrow. i love seeing the boy. while he never wants to talk about school, he's always fun to talk to. of course he is, he's my son. one more day of this grief and the bastard can crumple. i had read somewhere that the strongest willed beasts in the wilderness like to run when they know that their going to die so that they can hit the gorund running. die with dignity. i think i might want it that way too. coffee's calling. time to run.

—the bastard

*AA is a generic term used for any page that gets a change after we send it to the plant. generally, we pay for it.

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