Tuesday, December 05, 2006

...on the yard

sometimes the tired brings out there weirdest combination of words.

"i knew i came over her for something", as the bastard reaches past the freelancer for a box of paperclips

"ahh, stealing office supplies again?" quips freelancer.

"umm, yeah. actually, these are like currency in the prison yard"

"i see"

"yeah, i taking this box over to sweet lou. i need someone shanked in the yard later today"

"sounds good"

"he takes paperclips from you?", asks left hand rob. "lou only takes post its from me"

i think i'm due for a nap right about now. or due to write a novel.

—the bastard


Damnation Mistress said...

something you've probably seen but its oh so applicable

work vs prison

bastard central said...

i'll take work over prison any day of the week. because at the end of the day, i get go go back to my apartment which is decently sized by new york standars. at least 4 jails cells big

mofo said...

Yes but when Steve Carrell is explaining the pros and cons it's so much more amusing

bastard central said...

i so wished i had the time to watch the office. i uesd to watch the british version a year and change back and i was anxious to see the american version. oh well. go to hell!

mofo said...

Carell is the show, genius. It now runs along with Earl, scrubs, and 30 rock, it's worth putting everything aside for two hours and checking out what could be the greatest night of comedy in network television history. The office is the showpiece, but scrubs is actually the real gem, as I've always testified, and between Judah Fredlander, the dude who played satan in the D's "Greatest Song in the World"—(I'm a writer), and Alec Baldwin absolutely rule 30 rock. Earl works well as the opening act.