Monday, December 18, 2006

these are the voices of modern industry

Three years ago or so, I left NYC for Purgatory, part of my trip down was spent on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, mostly on Hatteras Island (get a map, ya jerks). I spent a night there at a campsite on the Atlantic Ocean and instantly feel in love with the place. On the way down I noticed an obelisk type structure on top of a hill. the town was of course, Kill Devil Hills, NC the place where Orville and Wilbur Wright took the first recorded flight. Though I was driving another 50 odd miles down the coast, I made plans to try and get back up the next day to check out the the site before going down to Florida. The next morning I had to run down to the Hatteras Lighthouse to take pictures for Ma Dukes. But by the time I got back up time had gotten away from me and I wasn't able to stop. I still had a lot of driving ahead of me, and the outer banks had just went through a category 2 hurricane and was cleaning up making driving a very slow go. I didn't get into Florida until 2 am.

On the way up north for my yearly drive toNYC for the holidays i decided to take an extra day out of my drive to hit the outer banks again and check out the Kitty Hawk Monument. Turns out when I showed up Sunday, December 17 i was there exactly 100 years to the day that Orville and Wilbur Wright made their grand experiment. It's crazy how things seem to work themselves out at times, I thought, as I marveled at this obelisk structure placed on top of what is truly and enormous hill.

Apparently there is a stairwell inside in order to service the light affixed to the top of the monument, that's pretty cool, which is basically the way I felt about the day. It is pretty cool when a plan comes together.

KROCK—KFAT—K4—KSHAQ...these are the voices...these are the voices

—the mofo

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