Saturday, January 13, 2007

it's like the crying game with moss

now every year, the bastard has to make a point to get a photo of the ghillie man."hey bastard, make sure we get the photographer to get a picture of the ghillie man and ted nugent and that jack ass that got shot in the face in full metal jacket as well as some oldster that everyone calls "patch".

QUICK SIDEBAR: So bastard, what the hell is a ghillie suit well, young jerkface i'll let the manufacturer explain it to you.

In a nutshell, the development history of the Custom Concealment, Inc. ghillie suit is a good example of a simple idea grown complex. Where the original Scots had one basic design, traditionally adapted to meet the immediate situation in the field, we have taken it upon ourselves to offer seven different styles of ghillie apparel. These seven styles are divided into three general categories, depending on the particular type of user applications

i know you feel very enlightened right about now

and every year we try to find new ways of photograph these staples of our little gun fest. so this year we decided to have our man photograph the ghillie man reading our little show pape (cue laugh track here). now for the sake of captioning, opur man with the lense had everyone show their name tags so that if we were going to name them in a caption, we'd have their names but we were shocked to find out that...

...our ghillie man was a ghillie woman. it's kind of like the crying game...only with moss.

—the bastard

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