Wednesday, February 14, 2007

...on the snow

...or happy valentine's day here's you frikkin' snow

well it took several months but, the snow has finally arrived and wouldn't you know it, the bastard has to go to a photo shoot uptown. i find it fascinating that it is illegal to photograph a firearm inside the city limits without the right paperwork but, you can take a bag of bullets with you into a cab and have them photographed. fascinating. i guess since there is no delivery system for the bullet, it's okay. ida know.

all slush and crap aside though, the bastard loves the snow. i love the idea of it. i love the absence of sound while it happens. it seems like all of the collective people walking to the train station are so busy concentrating so hard on not slipping and falling on our asses that we don't utter a sound and all you hear is the gentle falling of snow on the ground and the sound of it crunching beneath your feet. that is until you get near a main street and then all you hear is wheels squishing water and slush under it's wheels and jackasses honking their horns. it's good times.

—the bastard

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