Monday, February 05, 2007

that's brisk baby...

...or so nice, i did it twice

i was checking the weather before bed last night and i knew full well that we were looking at a 10 degree morning. the bastard woke up this morning to find that not only was it a 9 degree morning but, there was a wind chill factor of zero for the commute.

so i hit the ground running (pausing briefly) to drop off laundry. and get gone with myself. walking fast just to keep warm. you see, last night, robbo told me that i need to find a better way to get to the train station in this kind of weather. "maybe you can drive to 179th street and just take the F train from there"

"nah, it doesn't make sense for me to drive east so i can take the train west. i can't take the bus because i'll just be standing in the cold waiting for the bus. the best solution is to just suck it up and walk as bundled up as i can and walk."

"i guess"

so i there i am, and i realize that my phone isn't with me and i'm halfway to the train. for a minute, i'm standing there mulling over what i already know is the course of action i'm taking because the phone is on vibrate. and it's on top of my dresser. and i have hard wood floors. it's a good thing i went back too. as soon as i got into the hall of heads that is this office the phone rang. that would've been a nice mess of plastic shards on my bedroom floor when i got home tonight. stupid cold. be less numbing.

—the bastard

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