Monday, February 26, 2007

you know...

...the bastard is starting to really really really not like the red eye. i just can't seem to get to sleep on one. whether it's some guy with bad gas or a family of 5 who while you can tell they adopted two of their three kids all seem to have the genetic pre disposition towards kicking strangers in their sleep. don't look at me all indignantly mom. if you didn't wake the bastard up from the cusp of some rarely gotten sleep on a fucking plane to hand your natural born child over to your self centered husband who just HAD to have the frikking window seat so that you could grab some shut eye yourself, we wouldn't be at this place where i break your adopted son's ankle in row 25. okay. now i'm going to take my nyquil (the 13th step) and go to bed and try and salvage this "lovely" monday. jerks.

—the bastard

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