Thursday, March 01, 2007

...on gotham

...and all those little things

so i exhumed myself after a nyquil induced coma monday night and salvaged the evening. and since then the bastard has:

had some chinese food (general tso's from noodles on 28th which is on 29th now)

grabbed a chicken parmesan hero for lunch

saw some jackass wearing a free mumia button on the train (he killed a cop pal, how does that make him a political prisoner?)

went to a going away party for our now former ceo allowing me to drink a bunch of beer on the company dime (nothing tastes better than free liquor)

body checked someone at roosevelt avenue (let people get OFF the train first shiteyes, the train won't leave without you)

goddammit, it feels good to be back. if i still smoked, i would go out enjoy one of those right now just to complete the mental picture. despite the slush, and the cold, the tuesday night karaoke, and the crowds, there's no place like home.

—the bastard

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