Tuesday, March 06, 2007

you know...

i had wrote a post about my day and then i lost it. i owe it all to OS9. that's right, the bastard works in the office in OS9. you know why? well let me tell you shiteyes. it roughly costs about 350,000 dollars to upgrade all of the books in this building to an operating system that is considerred current by...say...the rest of the publishing world but, the old comapany didn't want to spend that kind of dough on a division that they wer selling so, i work with bear skins and stone knives and while i would consider blogging from the office to be extra curricular, it still sucks when the 20th century technology of the working world fucks my shit up. thanks mothership. i hate you and your elderly granny ceo that didn't get us so she sold us. jerks. i'll try and write it again when i'm done being pissed.

—the bastard

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