Friday, March 30, 2007

if it's free...'s for me

that was the rhyming catch phrase of my man dean thrilla. also his other rhyming catch phrase for beer purchases was "go with what you know". common sense advice from an uncommon character. but today we're going with the former. coming fresh off of yesterday's free for all, today the big man on campus (one of killing stuff's editors) drop two box's of krispy kreme donuts in the art department. i have to say that living in new york all my life, there is nothing more entertaining than listening to someone from the south say paisan in new york. there is never a less italian sounding pronunciation and that my friends is in it's own way...good. so the big man follows up by declaring that we should all fight anorexia today, by eating donuts. hell, i'm down.

this afternoon, we were all supposed to be looking through photos for a killing stuff monthly reader photo contest (of what else, killing things. DID YOU DOZE?) to the tune of free pizza. justice (the photo editor) had already picked out the photos he wanted so i assume, the kibosh gets put on it. notsomuch. K Stuff's managing editor who we can call, the velvet hammer told the k that perhaps the cheese should still go on. it's a pretty good way to start the weekend.

—the bastard

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