Thursday, March 29, 2007

...on dodging the bullet

...or on free lunches

"bastard are you coming?"


"photoshoot, we need extras"


"there's free lunch involved. and free beer"

"i'm in"

i've been working for killing stuff monthly for going on 5 years now. as far as art department people goes, the bastard is an old man now. and in that time, i've never been photographed for the magazine. it's kind of like dodging a bullet sometimes. then again, 5 dollar johnny seems to hold the record for most times being photographed for killing stuff. this seemed like an easy gig. what's the worst hing that can happen, the back of my head appears in a classroom setting in next month's issue. and hey, free beer.

so it's into a cab and head uptown. the sammiches were fantastic and so was the beer because, you guessed it, free. oh yeah and because i can expense the cab. the ride was also free. nice and smooth.

—the bastard

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