Monday, May 14, 2007

...on the big sleep

now the bastard isn't one for ratting out our hard working folks in the transit workers union but, what the hell?

the thing is this. the bastard doesn't have a job that has guaranteed job security. mandatory raises. leverage to paralyze the city when it doesn't get it's way (you'll get yours one day toussaint). nah. i don't. people that work in print work in an ageist business in which you have to maintain the appearance of keeping up with the times magazinewise. if my chops get old, i can only get by so far on charm and good looks. that's right shiteyes, i'd be out on my ass. this guy, he gets double overtime. good thing i didn't need directions.

—the bastard


Jonny Airplanes said...

forgot password again

bastard central said...

you should make it something password

Jonny Airplanes said...

1 thought i did