Monday, May 28, 2007

...on the jet set 2

you know, sometimes the bastard lucks out. and i don't mean in the flight getting here on time sense. i mean in the sense that i get wifi in the tucson airport. it's free bitches. now that bastard is taking a little breather from the rousing uno competition i was having with the boy to do some screed. the visit was good. i talked some smack with the chairman. i discovered that civilization finally came to the jet blue terminal in the airport. yeah, it sucks ass that you can't bring food into the terminal because of certain segments of the arab population but, at least you can buy it when you get to the other side. so the boy and i grabbed some grief and if he was old enough to drink (back up shiteyes, you want time to slow down in the case of child rearing), we'd be drinking. but instead, we're playing uno, and eating store bought watermelon. it don't get better than this.

—the bastard

PS:plane just pulled in. it doesn't sucksomuch anymore. totally sweet.

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