Wednesday, May 30, 2007


...mexico is THIS way.

so while driving to the mission at tomacacori, the boy fell asleep so, since we were in the neighborhood, we kept driving to mexico. i gotta say though, maybe it was the temperature, or maybe it's all of the totally legal public urination (or maybe they clean the streets with urine scented cleaning products) but, i think nogales, mexico needs a shower.

now here's the thing about nogales, mexico. it's one of those places that americans go to to purchases prescription medication for a discount rate, as well as discount pottery and hand made furniture. the funny thing is 30 miles or so north is an "artist community" that sells really expensive handmade pottery and furniture except it's pottery and furniture that is "inspired" by mexican handmade pottery and furniture. nice scam if you can pull it off.

—the bastard

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