Wednesday, May 30, 2007

...where's jonny airplanes today?

so the bastard gets this text essage from jonny airplanes on wednesday telling me he was going to be in new york for the weekend. you see airplanes is currently defending our freedom in the is coastguard down in the great state of virginia. anyway, it was funny to me that he was coming in because, i was heading to arizona. i replied that i would be back on monday. he replied that he would be back in va that day.

tonight, i received a text from him stating that he was in cleveland and in that i thought of a re-occuring sketch on late night with david letterman in which dave would call up retied boxer smokin' joe frazier and ask him how much gas he had in his car. so i figure, we just check in to see where jonny airplanes is this evening. so...

today jonny aiplanes is in cleveland, ohio.

did you know: Cleveland is named for Moses Cleaveland, a surveyor who settled the town in 1796. City growth was slow until the Ohio and Erie Canal was built in 1832. During this time, the first "a" was dropped from the cities name by a local newspaper. Cleveland is on Lake Erie, and is always a harbinger of the winter season. Clevelanders can expect early snowfall as icy temps, with its accompanying precipitation that is snow, blows in off the lake, making for icy roads and generally rotten driving conditions. and there you have it.

—the bastard

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Jonny Airplanes said...

Well Jonny Airplanes is back in VA. Check back next week when Jonny Airplanes visits NYC.