Friday, May 04, 2007

...on the premise

so the bastard likes to temper his high brow cinematic tastes with some candy. so once in a while, i've tuned into grey's anatomy. yeah, i know. i can't spend all of my time watching heroes, lost and 24. but speaking of implausible premises, grey's runs with the premise of, here we have a bunch of really hot looking doctors that all work at this hospital in seattle that all have "issues" and you guessed it, they are all sleeping together. what are the chances? a co worker of mine one time commented that if a resident doctor slept with his/her intern it would be grounds for all kinds of legal action. anyway, last night one of the doctors who is leaving the show for the innevitable spin off so half of the show is a crossover preview of the new show which has the following premise,

after sleeping with all of the hot looking guys at the hospital in seattle, doctor addison (don't even know if i'm spelling this right) takes a leave of absence presumably to go back to her home town of los angeles (which we will hereby refer to as hell.a.) to have a baby. so she goes to this medical center run by one of her old friends where everone is A: hot looking and B:have issues and C: have already slept with each others characters or gotten divorced. i mean what are the chances of that. now, i'm not saying that 24 is a more plausable show. it isn't. how could it be. new york magazine has it's own weekly absurd-o-meter that runs on tuesdays. but the bastard just found that every five minutes i was rolling my eyes at this ridiculous show. i'll tell you this though, i'll probably watch the damn show next week and it's spin off until i am no longer astounded by it. good times. no. GREAT TIMES.

—the bastard

P.S. the bastard was watching the salton sea yesterday afternoon while waiting for the cable guy to show up and fix the cable and i have to say, SEE IT you frikkin jerks. it's got drug addiction (a personal favorite for the bastard and revenge (another perosonal favorite for the bastard) involved. so see it now shiteyes


The Chairman said...

Riddick Bowe is unstoppable... dont you ever forget that.

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bastard central said...

well i'm glad to see that alchohol is being served in the state of virginia