Friday, June 29, 2007

jesus christ! will you get the hell out of the bastard's way you frikkin jerks?!

...or was it on road rules

okay kids, it's like this. you need to get out of the way. the bastard is hungry and you are in the way. no no no. you don't need to walk in side by side wall of death fashion you frikkin idiots! get out the way! so as a rule, i will do this two fold, do NOT walk side by side through a construction site, your are inconveniencing everyone by fucking moseying down 33rd keeping your collective fat asses in the bastard's way and secondly as according to uncle the jesus, "if your going to be in someone's way, the least you can do is speed up". thanks uncle the jesus. besides given the size of your collective asses, you COULD use to speed up a little.

awwwwww no. no no no no. you fucking jerks! why must you all walk into the same place i am. you know there is no reason why i have to play dodge em at a lunch counter. at the end of all things though, i think one third of the three fat asses made it to the sandwich counter 5 or 10 minutes after i did. now for step three. insert knife into idiot's neck. oh well, i think i hear my parole officer calling.

—the bastard

PS: hey fat lady with the ugly sandals who made eye contact with me and did nothing to stop the closing elevator door and i got in anyway much to your fat assed chagrin. go to hell. go to hell and get edema in your fat assed feet. thanks. love, the bastard.

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