Friday, June 29, 2007

...on the band

...or was it the hood?

Well tell me baby how does it feel
I know you like the roll of the limousine wheel

And they all get them out for
(they all get them out)
The boys in the band
(only for the boys in the band)
They scream and they shout for
(twist and scream and shout)
For the boys in the band
(only for the boys in the band)

so this is the magic of fucking myspace. it starts out like this. about 3 or 4 years ago, malibu lou, a guitarist i was in a band with aske dme to join so i could listen to his tunes. yes the bastard was in a band. three bands actually. four if you count the band i auditioned for, got hired and never came back to practice with before i started up with malibu. anyway, the myspace lays dormant for years and periodically, i log on, maintain and log off. then one day i get in touch with johnny long hair. long hair was a good friend of mine in high school who taped footage of the first two acts a played with and he sent me this awful clip of the bastard performing "anarchy in the uk", to which i laughed my ass off over, but either way, we became myspace friends. now, i'm well on my way to being friends with guys i was in a band with 20 years ago. god dam the bastard feels old. older than dirt. or at least older than 80's metal bands.

—the bastard

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