Wednesday, June 27, 2007

...on blackouts

...and i don't mean that effing album by the scorpions

listen to the chair leg of truth. it does not lie. what does it say?

it was a dark and stormy wednesday. well, it ain't quite dark or stormy yet but, it's getting there. however, it has come to the bastard's attention that the mta's website isn't terribly informative when there is a power outage. strangley enough, neither are the local news outlets. so long story short, it's sticky out, it's gonna rain and part of the bastard's commute is shrouded in blackoutedness. yay! i think, i'm going to lock myself in the k's office and sleep it off until tomorrow. sounds like good times for me. nay, it sounds like great times for me. keep your powder dry, jerks

—the bastard

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