Monday, July 23, 2007

...on smoke signals

the bastard has got to tell you, nothing in the world is a better hallmark of a company's ability to cripple it's own workforce like an email migration. yessiree.

"hey kids, we're gonna have to get you folks off of your old company's mail server right about now. even though you're all using technology from the last century (let's be fair, the century only ended 7 years ago and all) and we're going to make it all work out great. despite the fact that what we should have done is upgrade all you folks before we decided to gut the offices and give you new cubicles that would render it impossible for you not have to have to look at each other. come on guys, being in each other's grill builds fucking synergy. you won't want to stab each other in the face at ALL. i promide. i really do."



this isn't moving as smoothly as any of us like. i don't hold it against the guys that have to implement policy, i don't even hold it against the heads of state. this is new to them too. the bastard has just got to question it every now and again.


arm hurts.

no groceries.

but at least my kitchen is painted

—the bastard

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