Friday, July 27, 2007




new york.

the bastard has to tell you something deeply personal.

all of your children.

who ride to work with you on the subway.

are walking ids,

or twitchy and shouldn't be dressing themselves

and kicking

and twitching

and kicking

what the fuck did you feed your child this morning, jerkpiece


are fat

and annoying tubs of lard who shouldn't be flipping their braids around hitting folks like they own the goddam place.

leave them home.



fucking raise them to act properly on the train.

we can work on the clothes and weight some other time.

now don't get me wrong. i am a parent. a really smug parent. i think the sun rises and sets on my boy. but, my boy knows how to behave himself on a train. and to be fair, he's 7 and that's pretty much when most kids become aware that they can reason and that the world might not revolve around them but,

curb your kid


before i come unglued.


—the bastard

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