Wednesday, August 29, 2007


"hey k, we've found ourselves a decent lunchroom", pipes the bastard

"i have plans today, my friend is in from san francisco"

"oh well, hey what's that outside?"


"holy crap!"


"holy crap!"


"holy crap!"

"there's a guy napping down there"

"down where?"

"down there. justice, do you have a camera?"

"the editor has it locked up at the moment so no"

"dammit, this is gold. fucking gold! look at him! all fat and his gut hanging out and i don't have a camera to document this!"

"his shoes are off too", chimes sara voids.

"do you have a camera?"

"a little one", she replies.

"i have to get a picture of this"

the p cat walks in, "what do we have here?"

"guy sleeping on the scaffolding down there"

"it's pure gold!"

"well", retorts the p cat, "that's your union dues hard at work there"

then we had lunch

—the bastard

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