Wednesday, August 08, 2007

...on the outer boroughs

well the bastard can safely say that the james bond film live and let die is a really good film to take a nap to. you see, i'm landlocked. stuck. i decided against asking the chairman for a ride into the office as it would have me walking up to my office from the west village. so needless to say, the bastard has been hitting the refresh button on the mta's website. i've been hitting refresh all morning, except for the brief 30 to 45 minutes i was asleep while roger moore bored my ass to unconsciousness. and the bastarad has come to this conclusion, queens is getting fucked today. queens always gets fucked in these situations. it's understandable, manhattan is this town's business center so it needs to run. but, the outer boroughs take a back seat to this and queens sometimes takes a backseat to brooklyn and tornados in bay ridge brooklyn aside, brooklyn is in slightly better shape than we are.

so in the meantime, the bastard will keep hitting the refresh button. staying out of the heat. and mind you, it's frikkin' steamy out. man, i have templates to redo.

—the bastard


mofo said...

You could have taken a free Railroad ride and walked the four blocks to the office but you did get to see a movie with 7up dude.

bastard central said...

well it IS the uncola